November 2010

Looking for just the right bottle for your dinner party or event? Like great pricing? I’d like to introduce you to one of Ideal 55 Wine Lockers’ friends that can help you with both:
Sepulveda Wine Co. (
Please accept a certificate for $5 off of a $10 tasting.
Person must present this e-mail newsletter at time of tasting.

Here’s some more information about Sepulveda Wine Co.:
Sepulveda Wine Co. is a retail wine store and tasting bar offering fine and value wines to fit most tastes and budgets. We also offer a selection of well-known and unique spirits along with fine and Vintage Ports, Sherry, Liquors and Beer. Are you just beginning to enjoy wine? Is Robert Parker your best friend? Either way we’re committed to extending helpful advice along with providing the best quality wines at value prices in the store as well as online purchasing and shipping.

What Makes Sepulveda Wine Co. a Better Wine Store?
Prior to selecting a wine we taste and evaluate the wine based upon select criteria; consequently we know our wines. We have a tasting area where you can sample wines and attend winemaker events. We offer friendly, helpful and informative advice about wine and pairing wine with food. We offer a selection of fine and value Wines, Vintage Ports, Sherry, Ice and Dessert Wines, Grappa, unique Spirits and Beers. We offer a monthly wine selection with local free delivery or shipping if out of the area. And, it’s always a good year for our prices. Sepulveda Wine Co. is a regular contributor to local charities, schools and churches.

Also check out Sepulveda Wine Co. “SideBar” ( for scheduled events, tastings, special pricing and newly arrived wines.

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After all that shopping and tasting, you’ll need somewhere to age your new treasures. New clients, please contact us to make an appointment for a tour:

San Francisco:
Rooms – 35 to 60 square feet
Lockers – 12 to 15 and 24 to 30 case configurations

Rooms – 33 to 450 square feet
Lockers – 12, 27, 39, 45, 51, and 54 case configurations

LAX/El Segundo:
Coming Soon

Marina del Rey I:
12 to 15 case locker – 6 available
10 case locker with racks – Contact us
24 to 30 case locker – Contact us
36 to 45 case locker – Contact us

Playa del Rey:
12 to 15 case locker – 5 available
18 to 21case locker – 4 available
24 to 30 case locker – 4 available
36 to 45 case locker – Contact us

Marina del Rey II:
4 rooms from 35 to 150 sq feet are available

Happy with our convenient locations and 24/7/365 access? Have a friend that is looking for space? Forward this e-mail and if your friend leases space you get a free Riedel Vinum glass and your friend gets their first month free.

Do you own a business with clients that might fit our demographic? Contact me for details about a referral program that rewards your business.