Who We Are

Ideal 55 was founded in 1999 – by collectors, for collectors – with the mission to provide convenient access to secure wine storage in facilities near where our clients live, work, or play. We currently operate multiple facilities in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. We are adding facilities in these areas and our growth plans include expansion and product extensions. In addition to consumers, we serve individual wine collectors and those in the wine trade, ranging from wineries to wine brokers, wine reps, wine auction houses, wine movers, wine retailers, and restaurants. Our services range from 24/7/365 self-storage to full-service storage, including shipping services, inventory management, and consulting.

Our History

Ideal 55 was founded in 1999 as Westside Wine Lockers and the first location opened in 2000 as the first wine locker facility offering 24/7/365 access using state of the art access control and security. New facilities were added in 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2018. Our mission is to provide convenient access to secure wine storage in conveniently located facilities. In 2008, additional senior management and department heads joined the team with expertise in growth management, multiple facility management, marketing, and construction. This team brought new processes, visions, ideas, and resources to successfully expand the company and meet the needs of our clients. We tailored our plans to address the most difficult economic climate in 70 years and expanded to bring new facilities and multiple new services to our clients. The management team is comprised of wine collectors who bring their personal experience to everything from locker design to location selection, service offerings, and pricing. For example, we incur significant engineering and construction related costs in order to provide lockers that are wide, only two cases deep, and only two cases high with doors that fully open and do not create any lips or hidden sides. This makes accessing cases much more user friendly. We continually upgrade in order to apply state of the art technologies to our business in ways that create better products and services for our clients. Future growth plans include locating wine locker facilities in metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. We will soon announce several new locations. If you have suggestions, we welcome hearing from you. Sincerely, Mark Kordonsky Managing Partner Ideal 55 Wine Lockers, Inc.

MArk Kordonsky Photo