Ideal 55 welcomes commercial clients with both large and smaller collections. Many commercial clients find our multiple well-located facilities attractive, along with our 365/24/7 access. Please contact us with your specific needs. Ideal 55 is a private warehouse and as such does not currently hold a California Type 14 license.


Let us help you run your beverage program more efficiently. We have many restaurant clients, from the large collections of Michelin star rated restaurants, to smaller specialty neighborhood restaurants. Whether you access your cellar daily or quarterly, we can accommodate your needs. Do you find it convenient to access the cellar after the restaurant closes for the night, or at 6AM before the day begins? Your Ideal 55 wine locker access is 24/7/365.

We issue access credentials to each staff member you identify so you can track who enters your cellar. Need to remove someone’s access? We can do that in a few minutes. Our newest facilities can even send video to your phone when someone enters your room.


  • Want 24 hour access?
  • Like that our locations are close to your clients?
  • We can bill you or your company monthly.
  • For a fee, we can also accept shipments and deliver then to your locker on a monthly basis.

Contact Us for more information.