Downtown LA – Wine Vault on Bunker Hill

As of 21 September 2018

We are open! Tours by appointment. Contact Us  for more information.

Ideal 55 Wine Vault on Bunker Hill
Address: Bank of America Plaza, 333 S Hope Street

Wine Lockers:
We offer 12 and 27 case wine lockers.
Our lockers include high security keys, 24/7 access, and an optional wine receiving program. Our lockers are wide and only two cases deep which provides you easy access with less box moving. For more information or to lease your locker, Contact Us

Walk In Wine Storage Rooms:
We offer three basic walk in room sizes with some variations:

  • Small Room
    • 14 small rooms – 4 remain available
    • approximately 28 to 40 square feet
    • approximately 75 to 125+ cases
    • $259 to $309 per month
  • Medium Room
    • 15 medium rooms – 8 remain available
    • approximately 43 to 60 square feet
    • 125 – 200+ cases
    • $359 to $449 per month
  • Large Room
    • 6 large rooms – 2 remain available
    • approximately 70 to 114 square feet
    • approximately 250 – 400+ cases
    • $549 to $749 per month
  • Capacity will vary depending upon how you furnish your room: cases stacked on floor/shelving/racking
  • Rooms include 24/7 access, high security keys, private alarm, optional entry notification, optional wine receiving program, optional commercial grade steel shelving, optional wood racking.

For more information or to reserve your room, Contact Us

Tours by appointment. Clients have access 365 days per year, 24 hours per day.

Click here for information on our wine receiving program. Use this to ship wine directly to your wine locker.

Click here for information on long term storage without 24/7 access.

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