Easy Access
Ideal 55’s lockers are designed for easy access. The doors are wide and the shelves are only two cases deep. In most cases fully half of your cases will be immediately accessible when you open your locker. Our typical 12 case locker is 3 cases wide, 2 cases deep, and 2 cases high.

Locker Sizes
We offer various locker sizes at most Ideal 55 facilities. Our basic locker holds 12 cases and mos facilities also offer larger sizes. Depending on the facility that is convenient for you, you may find lockers in these sizes:

10 case – Marina del Rey
12 case – all facilities except Hermosa Beach
12 case long term no access during lease – Marina del Rey
18 case – Playa del Rey
20 case – San Francisco
24 case – Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, San Francisco
27 case – Hollywood, LAX, Wine Vault on Bunker Hill
36 case – Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey
42 case – Hollywood
45 case – Hollywood
For larger sizes, see our rooms.

Locker pricing varies by facility. For specific facility information, check out our locations.